MultiMediaLinQ - High-End Digital Audio Interface Adapter

(fits most Toyota/Lexus vehicles 2001-2010 with and without Navigation System)

MultiMediaLinQ interface

MultiMediaLinQ Interface

VML (MultiMediaLinQ) is a beautifully engineered high end device with spectacular clear, impressive natural, absolutely free of distortion audio.

Simply connect iPod/iPhone/iPod touch through USB port on the VML and get full integration through your factory radio/navigation screen.

iPod integration includes playlist and song browsing for 2nd, 3rd and 4th Gen navigation systems and expanded playlist, artist and album browsing for 5th Gen navigation systems. Expanded 26 character display will come up on your navigation screen for even more convenient use. For cars not equipment with navigation, text display will come up on your radio LCD. VML allows you to utilize factory radio controls to control iPod and access your music library conveniently and text display makes it the best solution for iPod integration.

Also with VML you are able to plug in virtually any mass storage device to it, integrating your music library into the car the way you want it and reproducing it with inspirational digital sound. It may be a flash drive, built-in HDD and/or portable HDD and etc. We have created an interface that will serve you as Multimedia audio device, making your dreams of playing your music library in its purest form in the car come true.

With USB port available on the VML you can listen your music library from your iPod on Monday, your cell phone on Tuesday, SD card on Wednesday, flash drive on Thursday, any other MP3 media device on Friday, use built-in HDD with all of your music in one place for your Saturday drive, or exceed all of your expectations with all of your media devices in one day on Sunday!

The VML provides direct plug-and-play installation for most Toyota and Lexus vehicles 2001 and newer, and it's compatible in navigation system equipped vehicles as well as those without one. Our unique technology doesn't affect factory-installed components such as 6-disc CD changer, CD/DVD changer or satellite radio. When you connect VML to the audio system, your vehicle recognizes it as an additional OEM CD changer, MD changer or CD-MP3 changer. And since the VML system utilizes the factory audio system connectors, it installs easily without compromising your vehicle's warranty.

MultiMediaLinQ MP3 player (take virtually any USB mass storage device, optional Hard Drive)

Video clip "VML with built-in HDD" operation shown on 5th Gen Navigation System
(QuickTime video - 8.60 Mbytes)

Video clip "VML and iPod connected via USB" operation shown on 5th Gen Navigation System
(QuickTime video - 13.70 Mbytes)

Video clip "VML and USB Flash Drive" operation shown on 5th Gen Navigation System
(QuickTime video - 14.50 Mbytes)

Key Features:

  • Add-on USB and HDD (hard drive) capability to your Toyota/Lexus head unit
  • Automotive design*
  • High-speed USB 2.0 Host interface
  • MP3,WAV and FLAC files playback
  • M3U playlists support
  • Supports virtually any USB Mass Storage Devices
  • Supports all MSC (Mass Storage Class) iPod® models
  • Supports all USB Audio iPod® and iPhone® models
  • Optimized for "immediate" playback**
  • Support multiple USB partitions (up to 4 partitions)
  • Supply up 750mA to USB port (required for most external HDD's)
  • Fully software upgradeable (including OS, playback engine, codecs and automotive interface)
  • Optional automotive grade built-in 40Gb or 80Gb*** 2.5" IDE Hard Drive
  • Keeps your music library in the car for every day use
  • Support multiple HDD partitions (up to 4 partitions)
  • Each partition accessible as a separate disc
  • Supports up to 999 folders (playlists)****
  • Supports up to 999 files (per folder/playlists)
  • Background files copy from USB Storage device to built-in HDD
  • Display full text information (Song Title, Artist, Album)
  • Extended browsing capabilities (browsing by Playlist, Artist and Album)
  • 24-Bit stereo delta-sigma D/A Converter
  • High-End Audio with Extremely Low level of Total Harmonic Distortion
  • True Plug & Play solution
  • Warranty: 1 year

*        Ambient operating temperature
            without built-in HDD               -40 ... +85°C
            with "rugged model" HDD       -20 ... +75°C (standard)
            with "extreme model" HDD     -30 ... +85°C

**      Ready to play files from newly connected USB Mass Storage device in seconds
***    Special order required for 80Gb HDD model
****  999 for CD-MP3 emulation and 99 for CD/MD emulation (will be changed to 999 in the future)

CD Changer emulation mode CD-Text support for Radio integrated into Navigation System

VML - CD emulation mode with CD-Text support
(for Radio integrated into Navigation System)
Suports up to 999 songs in the playlist
and up to 99 playlists

VM - MD changer emulation
now supports 999 songs in the playlist
and up to 99 playlists

CD-MP3 Changer emulation mode CD Changer emulation mode

VML - CD-MP3 emulation mode
with CD-Text support
(for Radio integrated into Navigation System)
Suports up to 999 songs in the playlist
and up to 999 playlists

VML - 2010 USB emulation mode
(for Radio integrated into Navigation System)

VML connection in 2010 RX350/RX450h
(QuickTime video - 7.2 Mbytes)

VML operation on 2010 RX350/RX450h
(QuickTime Video - 25 Mbytes)

MultiMediaLinQ VML KIT
(without internal HDD and without HDD cable)

Retail Price $349.99

Promo Price $249.99

MultiMediaLinQ VML KIT
(without internal HDD, with HDD cable)

Retail Price $364.99

Promo Price $264.99

Recommended internal PATA HDD models


"Rugged Class" Drives
ST940818AM - EE25.2 Series™ PATA 40-GB Hard Drive
ST980818AM - EE25.2 Series™ PATA 80-GB Hard Drive

"Extreme Class" Drives
ST940817AM - EE25.2 Series™ PATA 40-GB Hard Drive
ST980817AM - EE25.2 Series™ PATA 80-GB Hard Drive

You can download
VML Quick Start Guide for 2001-2009 Toyota/Lexus vehicles,
VML Owner's Manual for 2001-2009 Toyota/Lexus vehicles
VML Owner's Manual for 2010 Toyota/Lexus vehicles

Latest version of Remote Storage Manager software to simplify files transfer to built-in HDD.

Also please see instructions:
How to create M3U files on your iPod (required for iPod models without USB Audio support)
Note: Only necessary for Mass Storage Device mode.

How to use Remote Storage Manager software in order to transfer files from USB Flash Drive to VML built-in HDD (example for scenario 3)

Please check VML Application Guide

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